Thursday, April 15, 2010

Deqlans first visit to the dentist!

This event was one that i was dreading -knowing how much Deqlan dislikes sitting still in a chair with someone trying to make him keep his mouth open while they poked and proded, while i try to hold him still....well my friends, my vision of what it would be like was the furthest from what actually happened!!!!!!

The offices were so lovely and inviting and the kiddies area a definite winner for Deqlan - check one
Nicolette and her mom so friendly and welcoming and understanding to Deqlan - check two ( we even shared a few moments of tears and gratefullness when finding out how they to followed Deqlans journey and praying for him)
Nicolette has other patients on the autism spectrum so she was so understanding of Deqlans needs and what she should avoid doing to upset him - A BIG CHECK THREE ( do you know if an other dentists like this???)
Deqlan was allowed to run around the rooms, climbing on and off the chair , allowed to become familiar with the new enviroment - check four
Nicolette let Deqlan sit on my lap reading his magazine, and she very gently, without making a big deal at all, took her little mirror, and checked Deqlans teeth without him having to open his mouth as wide as a hippo! She managed to get a good idea of what needs work - and unfortunately there is quite a bit of work to be done - check five

Deqlan was so chuffed with the whole experience he gladly waved goodbye and gave high fives!!! WOW - i can recommend Nicolette to anyone, but especially to those of you looking for a fantastic dentist for your kids - you can see she is so passionate about them and so understanding! What a wonderful experience!

Now ...for the what work needs to be done part...Deqlans molars look terrible - the 2, second last from the back at each side have massive cavities. The left side is definitely worse for wear with the gum also being affected. The front teeth also have a little cavity she is going to try and repair and then when Deqlan is in theatre she can have a good look a good clean and repair anything else all at the same time

This will probably be done Wednesday next week - under anaesthetic , there is now way we could ever think of putting Deqlan, or any other little one, through that amount of trauma and holding him down , etc, no way - so this is the kindest and best way to do this .....will keep you all posted...

Deqlan is definitely in pain - he is holding his cheek and his ear time to time, bouts of moaning and crying, brushing teeth is very painful and causes the gum to bleed, and he is not eating. anything. he tries to, he maybe has one or two bites then pushes the rest away - no matter what i do to try and get him to eat - not happening. Going to try and make him a smoothie tonight and see if he will drink it ...dont know how great a gluten casein sugar yeast soya free smoothie will go down...but we haev to give it a go

Otherwise Deqlan continues to thrive and develop fantastically - he is really into songs and singing at the moment- he loves to sing all the Praise Baby songs, Old Macdonald is a big hit at the moment, even complete with E I E I O! Deqlan is also singing bits and pieces of Nkosi Sikileli ( our national anthem). The boys are learning so many new songs at school for Grandparents day on the 7th of May. Three new boys joined Little Leaps this week so now they are officially full at 16 boys! They are all GORGEOUS and they all have a massive place in my heart, every single one of them. I love dropping Deqlan off in the morning and getting kisses blown at me, or getting pulled to the trampoline to jump, or helping someone climb up a jungle gym, or one of the boys playing with my car keys or looking at my chain, or asking HOW ARE YOU? I just love them all dearly ! And when Ash tells me about something new they are doing, i celebrate their accomplishments just as i do with Deqlan. I really fell a calling to this area and who knows where the road will take me, but i just feel so called to do something to help kids with Autism!

I will be updating the blog with our Easter holiday pics next, we have been back a week already!!!! Cant believe it! Deqlan still asks for the ' Hippo Gate' at Saddle and Trout, as well as the beach and "SHAKA" ( UShaka Marine world) and the Dolphins....cant wait to go back...

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, we are so excited as we are going to see Sam and Mia and Liam again and Logan is with us, so we are sure all the kids are going to love being together!

Happy Birthday Ivan for today, 16 April! Hope its a stunning day and that the year ahead opens many doors and oppurtunities for you! Hope you enjoy all the celebrations!

P.S - Deqlan is 27 months NED today, thank You Lord, we trust that it is Your will to keep Deqlan NED forever and always - please always continue the prayers Deqlans prayer army!

God Bless lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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Ed McGoldrick said...

Deqlan is truly an amazing kid - a strong young man who enjoys his visit to the dentist. My daughter meanwhile is still in the process of overcoming the dread of sitting on the kiddie dental chair. But no worries, since our dentist has in store for her quite a handful of goodies (mini toothpaste and toothbrush) - everything for a good dental. Colorado Springs' dentists sure know how to work their charm on our kids here.