Friday, July 18, 2008


Hi Everyone

Firstly i wanted to say thank you to those of you who read all our posts and take my prayer requests to heart -i know that when Deqlan was having treatment/surgery/scans you name it, word for prayers spread like wild fire and a multitude of people around the world all stood firm in their faith and prayed for Deqlans healing - i cant thank you all enough for being part of this army and for each and every single prayer you continue for Deqlan and his friends. I have found this to be such a powerful tool ( and we to continue to pray for others with requests on blogs and caring bridge sites) and thats why i continue to request prayers through our blog for all our friends around the world, I know Our Lord hears each one, but the more prayers the better and the more amplified they are to Our Lord. So thank you for reading them, thank you for your prayers.

We had speech and occupational therapy as normal on Tuesday and it went pretty well, Deqlan gave great eye contact to Esedra and Anri . Anri is trying a new programme called sensory integration which of course has to deal with the senses and stimulating them in various ways - i am still learning about this new subject so will be able to explain more in detail as we go along. Esedra also enjoyed watching Deqlan figure out new puzzles and excercises and handle them fantastically and actually concentrate on them for long periods of time. For the first time in a long time, Deqlan wanted to get out the room ( think its cause he saw the pretty colour flowers outside) and i tried my very best to let him open the door when he asked, but then close it and try and keep him focused on the excercises at hand, and he did very well i must say.

Yesterday we started they day off by going through to see Uncle Bill and give Aunty Val and Aunty Shirl a hug. Uncle Bill looked good and was sedated, recovering after they placed 4 stents in his heart. We have just heard that he has just returned home and thats great to hear you can recover at home over the weekend. Keaton and Deqlan also recieved the most beautiful good night prayer books , thank you so much to you both Auty Val and Aunty Shirl - you are so thoughtful , they are so beautiful and we already read about the creation last night. Thank you for being a HUGE support to our family and to Deqlan especially , thank you for your prayers and love, they mean the world to me.

In the afternoon, we went to our second session of music therapy. Deqlan nearly fell asleep in the car on the way there , so i knew who wasnt going to be to happy during the session. We closed the door and he was ok, and then went over to the window, turned the knob that keeps the window open or closed, then pulled the handle down and climbed half way out the window!! i was flabergasted as we have never ever taught him how to open a window and he did it within 2 seconds, no mess, no fuss. Michael Schofield would have definitely recruited Deqlan to be part of his prison break plan! Their where other great moments of fantastic eye contact and lots of interest in the guitar again, but he clearly wanted out of the room. We tried to distract him , let him open the door,to show i understand what he wants, but then close again to show that we want himto be part of the session and he would need to wait a little , but eventually he had enough and we let him out to run in the garden.

Needless to say he had a great sleep after we got back to Nanna's house!

Deqlan continues to grow bigger, smarter and more gorgeous by the day. I made his appointment for the ultra sound Dr wants, which will be 15 August, so of course the nerves have kicked in a little again, but prayers continue for our beautiful boy and i continue to put all my trust in God who has already healed our beautiful Deqlan. We battle on days with food - Deqlan LOVES cheese, bread, biscuits, banana,spinach, yoghurt and ravioli, oh and how can i forget, cream soda - anything else is on a day to day basis of deciding whether he likes it or not? The biggest challenge at the moment is brushing teeth - oh boy...from loving it to HATING it - Deqlan screams and pushes me away and runs away when he sees the toothbrush - he cries and gets himself so worked up - got to think of a plan to get this on sorted out, any ideas welcome!

We have a BIG weekend ahead of us, not in excitement but in hard work - packing! we have 1 week to go and tons of stuff still to do, but i must say i am starting to look forward to our new little place and know we will be happy there, snake free! We loved the place we are in now, really, safe and quiet and loads of space outside, but its time to get more space in side and the pool is a bonus!

Got some good news just now, Yolandi from choc, the lady whose cancer had spread to her lungs - her counts have come down after some chemo, so we are all praising God for this great result

Please keep all our friends in your prayers - especially sweet Katie and Max and little baby Dyllan

Have a great weekend , God Bless and lots of love
Mark, Samm, Deqlan


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