Monday, July 28, 2008

I think we're gonna like it here!

Hello Everyone


Well, we are in and we are safe and sound - 100 boxes unpacked , 300 to go.....

It all started Friday morning when i washed curtains and carpets and anything i could lay my hands on that could be cleaned! Tried to pack whatever i could into the amazing 4 x 4 Merc Dee had lent me as my golf was still being fixed. Mark arrived home and immediately sprung into action, putting whatever he could into the van he had lent from work. I tell you something, i will never ever move to a place with stairs again what a mission to get everything down the steps!

Then the Higgins team arrived - Kevin, Tyler, Gaynor and Moses and they all gladly lent a hand to help us get all the small goodies packed up- we arrived at our new place and met Mike and Sandi who gave us a tour of our new place and explanation of all the important things to remember! Mark and Kevin and Tyler did another load and Dadda worked late into the evening trying to get as much done as he could. Thank you so much guys for all your help, how wonderful it was to have you all carrying, packing, unpacking - we couldnt have done it without you and we owe you all a lovely braai to say thank you!

I then went back to Nanna and Grandpa and Deqlan and i spent the evening with these amazing parents and grandparents. Nanna and Grandpa have gone out of their way to help us with our big move and i cant thank you both enough for watching Deqlan and giving him all your love and attention and care while we pack up . Thanks for loaning me the car Dee, we can swap anytime, i really loved driving high up on the road , i was petrified of driving an automatic car, but within a few minutes got used to it and loved every minute! Thank you Mom for the amazing effort you went to in preparing our room and making sure we had everything our hearts desired!

Saturday was off to an early start with Conrads team arriving at 730 am to load all the big back breaking furniture! Mark and I made one more stop in at our old place during the morning to collect a few odds and ends and get our precious doggies and cat, and to do a final clean. I was fortunate enough to have Joyce helping me clean ( thanks so much Megs for letting Joycie help me, it made the world of difference) Than you Joycie for working so hard and for being so helpful and willing to help us!

I eventually only started at our new place after 1500 - i had visions by this time curtains would have been hung , but my time frame wasnt working they way i had hoped! Anyway, we welcomed our first visitors Meggie and Keaton and they brought us some lovely sweets and jumped in to help by putting us some curtains in our bedroom - thanks so much Meggie, its exactly what i needed you to help me with!

Dadda was missing our soldier, so i went to go and fetch him from Nanna and gave him a tour of his new house. He was not sure where he was, but didnt really care, as long as he was with his Dadda. Deqlan helped us to a few things and then we all took great delight and letting Deqlan run to the park -wow - what a different feeling - running in the road, going to play in a park, watching children run in the road and ride on their bikes - how things use to be hey? Sad that to have that, we need to live in side a security estate - but we will take - freedom and safety , what a pleasure!

Then it was back to Grandpa and Nanna who had another little monkey, Keaton, to watch for the evening! Megs and Conrad were at Kevin and Darryls 70's 30th party - hoping Megs posts some pics on her blog, they are hilarious - everyone went to so much effort! Sorry we missed it guys !

Little Keaton was an absolute honey to watch as he laughed at Deqlan bouncing his ball around the kitchen. I was amazed to see Deqlans interest in Keaton - it has been there, but not as much as Saturday night ! He was bending and putting his head down for Keaton to kiss him , it was to adorable for words!

Bright and early Sunday morning Dadda had gotten some order into our new place, enough for us to bring Deqlan to his new home. He excitedly ran around discovering all the new rooms and passage ways ,trying to glimpse something that was familiar to him - BINGO - he found the tv and his Dub tv and we were set! Deqlan was so good, he played with his toys and watched his stories while Dadda and I tried to continue getting some order into the kitchen and play area and our bedroom. Eventually Deqlan had his nap 2 hours late, but slept for 4, so Dadda and I really got stuck into hanging and unpacking and washing and folding - we really got a lot done.

We took our soldier on a shopping spree to get some food for the house and enjoyed a late lunch/early supper before heading back to the old place to hand over our keys and remotes etc.

Deqlan was very confused going to our old house and running into his room,well, where it used to be, and running to the cupboard to get an oreo, well where they used to be, and then he got into the bath wanting me to bath him...shame, it was sad to say goodbye but we are already very happy in our new place and as Annie said ' I THINK WE'RE GONNA LIKE IT HERE'

Till the next post...sooner then later i promise

God Bless

Love Mark, Samm, Deqlan


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