Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy 22 months our beautiful Deqlan

Wow, i cant believe how quickly the time has flown, that you are 22 months today our beautiful Deqlan - i cant believe that we are only 2 months away from celebrating your 2nd Birthday!

I know i always say this, but you continue to be the light in our lives, the joy and spring in our step , our reason for wanting to be the best mama and dadda we can be. Your smile could light up a country that has no electricity ! Your laugh could warm the coldest heart - you are just an absolute gift and blessing from above, and i promise you our darling boy, that we will do EVERYTHING in our power to give you every ounce of love and care and guidance we can. We love you and thank Our Lord each day for trusting us with you and for choosing us to be your parents, and absolute honor , privilige and blessing like no other. We pray He continues to keep you NED and safe and sounds in His hands always!

We had our first music therapy session yesterday with Anja who is very experienced in her field. I warned Anja that Deqlan would probably want to get out the room is he was not used to this new environment - boy was a wrong! As soon as Anja started playing on her guitar, Deqlan immediately took a fascination in this new sound and instrument and started strumming the strings and tapping on the guitar himself - he loved it! He then took a look at the other instruments in the room, but was more attracted to the guitar. Anja had a computer and a hi fi in her room which Deqlan was immediately attracted to , in order topush all the buttons on them. If i havent mentioned it before, this is something Deqlan LOVES to do at the moment - push any buttons on tvs' dvd players, computers, anything that he can get a reaction from - dont give him something that isnt pluged in - he knows - its got to work and do something when he presses the button! Anyway, to get back to music therapy, Anja will try and hide these as they where a bit of a distraction for our soldier. But he still seemed to enjoy it and we look very forward to our next session on Thursday!

Dada bought him the cutest little toy from Mcdonalds last night - they are currently promoting the movie kung fu panda. This toy is a cat that you have to bend down to activate and then he does a somersault - Deqlan LOVED this and laughed hysterically for 5 minutes , each time we did it - when he realised this morning that it was just waiting to be played with he already started laughing before asking me to bend it for him - i tried to down load the video clip but it wont let me!

Dada also came home with a new vacuum cleaner as ours blew up! Deqlan thinks its his new favorite thing as why? you guessed it, it has wheels! he loves to push it around and press all the buttons - but nothing compares to Dada sucking his hand with the pipe or sucking his top - he loves it !

Another favorite trick is Nanna twirling Deqlan around in her bucket ! Nanna cant go fast enough and beams of laughter are heard from our soldiers direction!

Logan will be in pretoria this weekend and we are going to hopefully we able to see her on Sunday - Mark and I will need to take turns, but i am so looking forward to even an hour with her. She has grown up over night - I try to call her on her own phone during the week to catch up and see how she is, but a do miss her terribly and cant wait to giver her a hug in person!

Now for todays notice board:

Thank you so very very much Dirk for the beautiful hand made pjamas you sent with Kelly! They are so beutifully made and i am so grateful and thank ful that you have helped our project! Thank you for all the love and effort and time put into them, they are so very special, thank you!

Happy Birthday Debbie! We hope you have a stunning Birthday today and all the best for the upcoming year! Hope you have something special planned and hope that includes being spoilt and relaxing with Kevin and Josh! God Bless!

Congrats Tracey! My friend from post natal class has just found out she is pregnant with her second baba! We pray for a safe and wonderful pregnancy and know Luke is going to love his new brother or sister!

Update on prem baby Dyllan- His mommy says he is now off the ventilator and on a c pap machine which blows oxygen into his nose. He is weighing 1.415kg and is up to 3mls of milk every 3 hours - please continue to pray for the precious baby boy and his family

Prayers for Katie:

Have a fantastic weekend everyone, snuggle up winter hs really arrived today




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Debbie said...

That is so funny about the McDonalds toy! My mom had one and at first Connor was terrified, but then he did the same as Deqlan-laughing hysterically! I guess these people know what kids will like, right? Happy Birthday sweet boy-Birthday #2 will be here before you know it.
Debbie & Connor Khoury