Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy 6 months to our boys!

Today, marks 6 months ago that Deqlan was declared to be NED -PRAISE OUR HEALING LORD! I remember getting ready to go the hospital to see Meggie and Keaton, and getting the call from Dr Jacobs - i hung onto her every word - THE BONE MARROW IS CLEAR - i immediately fell to my knees and sobbed and sobbed and then continued to say thank You thank You thank You Dear Lord - Deqlan was having his morning nap so all i could do was lie next to him and just hold him and kiss him and tell him that he had won the fight he had fought the battle of nb and those walls came tumbling down! What a day of celebration ! Dear Lord, please continue to keep our Deqlan NED always - please continue to work your miracles through him , in him , around him - Let our Deqlan continue to grow stronger and healthier each day and let us continue to look forward and be Blessed with all the things you have planned for our soldier whom we love with all our hearts and souls, a love that is endless and has no boundaries, no conditions - and love that teaches us to treasure each moment of every day - you are our hero Deqlan Ross and we are honored to be your parents, we love you beyond words! You have an entire army fighting this with you and i know they love you just as much as we do- please keep fighting army , please keep praying for our beautiful Deqlan

That brings us to our second celebration today:

HAPPY 6 MONTHS BIRTHDAY KEATON! Wow a whole half year since you arrived into this world. I remember it like yesterday...we were awoken with a phone call by your mommy at 2am on the 16th of January saying that i would become an aunty today and i remember, having to sit up and shake my head around a bit to make sure i wasnt dreaming, as you where not due for another month! Your mommy told me to go back to sleep and she would call me once the doctor has decided on the time you would be arriving - WHAT - GO BACK TO SLEEP? There was way to much excitement for that ! I couldnt wait to get to the hospital that morning to see your mom and dad and to touch your mommys tummy for the last time before you took your first breath of air. Nanna and I waited outside the delivery rooms anxiously awaiting news that your mommy and you were ok - we were overjoyed to see the paediatrician walk past us and so excited to hear you had arrived safely and where ok. We were overjoyed to see your Daddy walk towards us to tell us that you were to beautiful and had lots of hair and he even showed us a photo of you - Nanna and I were in tears of joy and excitement - we couldnt wait to meet you - when we eventually got to get our first glimpse of you and your mommy, you looked so tiny , but so beautiful and we just wanted to hold you in our arms .The nurse decided though that you need a little help breathing and off to the icu you went . We had to wait a whole ten days before officially being able to see you properly and to hold you for the first time!

We have watched you grow and blossom into the most beautiful , smiley boy - you are such a joy Keaton and bring so much happiness and love to all those around you- you are loved more then you will know , you are another gift and blessing to this family. Its amazing how much you and Deqlan have in common already - you share such a special day 16 Jan 2008 - your birth and Deqlans day he reached NED . Another special day was the day your mommy told us she was expecting a miracle, YOU - it was the same day Deqlan had to have emergency surgery to repair a blockage in his intestines. I know you are going to be the best of friends - know that even when Deqlan wants to poke your eye or strokes your face a little hard, its all his signs of love for you little Keaton - congrats on your half birthday and always know how much we love you


p.s - our friend Ruan, fighting leukimia recieved great news yesterday - his bone marrow is now clear so they can start to set up the stem cell transplant , please keep him in your prayers - what a fantastic 2nd birthday present for him which is tommorow!


Anonymous said...

To our beautiful, precious and darling Deqlan,

What a wonderful day this is for you ! Six months NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE ! And it is another opportunity to give our gracious and healing Lord all the acknowledgement, praise and glory for all the miracles He has worked in you and for His complete and permanent healing of you. It is also an opportunity to give all the praise to your mamma and dadda, for their commitment, devotion, dedication to and love and adoration for you, for taking such good care of you ! You have such an enormous prayer army Deqlan, and these "soldiers" NEVER tire or become lazy to lift you up in prayer; this is just a small part of what makes each and every one of them so special.
Nanna and Grandpa have the absolute privilege of being with you and being able to love you on a daily basis, so we see God's miracles at work in you each day with the very special progress you make, how your adorable personality and temperament continues to develop and how completely irresistable you are. Your beautiful presence is accompanied by an indomitable spirit and passion for life which we find wondrous. We marvel at what you have faced, endured and conquered over the past year, we are in awe of your bravery and courage and we are humbled beyond words at your extraordinary example. These are just some of the reasons why Nanna, at EVERY opportunity, cuddles you and kisses your head and the inside of your hands and whispers in your ear how much she loves you and why she "blesses" you and prays for you in her special way !! That's partly why Grandpa kisses you on your head, joyfully makes you toys and plays "taxi" for you every day. We love you so very, very much and you are such a cherised blessing in our lives.

Not only today, on your 6 month NED celebratory and thanksgiving day, but EVERY DAY, it is our sincere prayer and sacred request to God the Father, His beloved Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit to keep you NED forever, that this blessed Holy Trinity, protect, guide and guard you every second of every day of your life, for all the days of your life.
It is also our fervent prayer that the Holy Trinity continues to bless your beautiful Mamma, whom we love so much,with all the strength, courage, wisdom, understanding, peace and joy as she is such a exceptional and extraordinary Mamma to you darling Deqlan. Nanna can tell you this with certainty as she has always been such a wonderful and outstanding daughter to us. You have the very best Mamma and we have the very best daughter in her.
Our special prayer for your Daddy is that the Holy Trinity continues to bless him also with courage, strength,wisdom, determination, understanding, peace and joy. We have seen how much you love your Dadda as your face lights up when you see him and you love it when you two can have fun together and get up to mischief. Nanna loves and is very proud of your Dadda who is the bestest ever father to you.
Nanna and Grandpa regard you all as our family treasures !
May we celebrate many, many, many more NED celebratory and thanksgiving days.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in Thee, all for Thee O Lord, oh my Jesus all for Thee.

The Bell Family said...

What a day to celebrate! We are so glad that Deqlan is the warrior that he is! It's amazing how strong and resilient these little people are. The only side effect we have from Madelyn's treatment is the fact that she HATES going to the Dr. Hopefully we will overcome that! Happy Birthday Keaton! We will continue to pray for you all! Gorgeous little guys there mom!!!! Madelyn & Family.

Ferreira Family said...

To A Brave Soldier Deqlan, Wow 6 months already since you were declared NED!!

Not only is your mamma & dadda proud of you, but so are we. You fought an amazing battle with the Lord by your side and you managed to beat it!!

You are such a special little boy. You have touched many lives with your wonderful bubbly personality and your beautiful smile. Hannah is so proud to be your friend.

We look forward to many many more playdates with you and can't wait until the next one.

May God continue to bless you richly.

You are an amazing little boy!!

All our love,

Claire, Stephan & Hannah